How do I obtain a license application?

Application packages can be purchased during business hours at the Board’s office at 5400 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh NC 27612 for $13. or by sending a money order, cashier’s check or personal check for $15 made payable to NC Licensing Board for General Contractors, PO Box 17187, Raleigh NC 27619. You can also download an application for FREE at their website under Forms.

Do I need a license prior to bidding on a project?

If the project costs $30,000 or more you must have a license before submitting a bid.

Do I need approval to take the exam? When do they give the exam?

You must submit an application and be approved to take the exam. Exams are given daily by PSI Exam Services.

Does the NC General Contractor Board reciprocate with any other states?

Yes, the Board has an examination waiver agreement with South Carolina and Tennessee.

Are there any financial requirements for holding a license?

Yes, applicants must a have a minimum working capital of $17,000.

I’ve been approved to take the exam, how long do I have?

Your letter of eligibility is good for 120 days. If you fail your exam the first time, a new eligibility letter will automatically be issued in 30 days – good for another 120 days. If you fail a second time, you must submit a whole new application, including fees.

Is the exam open book?

The Residential and Building Contractor exams are partial open book in North Carolina. Only a small portion of the reference materials are permitted in the exam center.